1. Clean up is effortless
Polyaspartic garage floors can brighten up garages better than non-coated ones. It is easy to clean and sweep the smooth surface. This flooring is easy to clean because there’s not much that sticks. This garage floor is also chemical and stain-resistant. You can quickly clean up engine oil, brake fluids and other caustic chemicals, even if they sit for a while.
2. Durability
Polyaspartic floors are more durable than many other types of flooring. This garage floor coating is durable and heat-resistant. The polyaspartic is converted into a solid polymer, which makes it durable and flexible to impact, chipping, and surface abrasion. If you drop a wrench, or your bicycle is damaged by a fall, there’s no need to worry about the floor being destroyed. The floor will not be destroyed by rolling tool boxes, jacks, or jack stands.
3. Moisturizer and stain-resistant
This topical coating is naturally water resistant. This is a great perk for those who live in cold climates. This makes it easy to remove slush or road salts that can build up on the floor during winter. A little soap and water is all you need. Polyaspartic garage floors protect concrete underneath from moisture, stains and lubricant. You can save a lot of time cleaning and regular maintenance costs by using polyaspartic garage floors.
4. Variety
Polyaspartic is a great choice for decorating your floors. Polyaspartic comes in a variety of colors to give your floors a beautiful, sleek shine. This floor can be set up in either traditional or custom patterns. This makes it an affordable way to upgrade plain cement. This flooring can be applied professionally and gives your garage or workspace a professional appearance.
Ask a professional.