What is it? How can it be applied?

Polyurea coatings are well-known to the general public in tank coatings and truck bed liners. These coatings are used extensively in protective resinous concrete flooring coating applications. You can apply this coating with a squeegee or seal-coat brush, or even a nap roller. Simply dip the coating into the floor and roll it onto it. It can also applied in cold temperatures.

What is the drying time?

The coating can be dried in a matter hours. Concrete floor coatings can be applied in just hours and you will be back at work the next day. This epoxy coating is more durable than traditional epoxy.

What types of floor coatings are there?T

The material’s versatility is one of its greatest benefits. Polyaspartic concrete coatings are used in standard solid-color industrial floors. Monolithic Quartz and Seamless Flake flooring systems are examples of common polyaspartic concrete floor coatings. Recent developments in polyaspartic coating technology have led to new floor coating applications, such as metallic and dye-and-seal floor coating systems.